European Beer Star

The Team of the European Beer Star

Kilian Kittl

As Project Manager, Kilian oversees the European Beer Star in detail like no other. Kilian is the number one contact person for all organizational matters: from registering the beers to inviting the jurors and evaluating the judging sheets.

Stefan Stang

Stefan was Project Manager of the competition from the beginning of the European Beer Star in 2004 until 2016 and has contributed to the competition gaining more and more acceptance in the industry by building up and maintaining the national and international taster network. Today, Stefan represents the European Beer Star at trade fairs and events around the globe - and is a table captain and taster at the European Beer Star.

Monika zur Lage

Monika - also known as the master of numbers - oversees the administrative work at the European Beer Star. From registering participants, assisting with any problems that arise, to sending the coveted awards to the winning breweries - everything runs across her desk.

Benedikt Meier

Benedikt is responsible for ensuring that the wealth of information about the European Beer Star reaches the right recipients. He takes care of all communicative things around the competition.

Roland Demleitner

Roland is one of the co-founders of European Beer Star and the strategist behind the scenes. Together with the entire team, he is instrumental in finding essential decisions. As table captain in the tasting jury, he is irreplaceable.

Birgit Rieber

Birgit is editor-in-chief of the Beer Star News, the in-house magazine for the European Beer Star. In addition to interviews of tasters and breweries, she also contributes her tasting expertise by describing winning beers.

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