First the Award Ceremony...

The hall is dark, the curtain rises: "And the winner is..."

Let yourself be carried away by the excitement during the awards ceremony. Here the winners of gold, silver and bronze are duly honored and celebrated. Finally, the breweries, the master brewers and brewmasters, the artists at the brew kettles, are in the spotlight, being cheered and applauded.

In 2024, the coveted awards will be presented at BrauBeviale in Nuremberg on Wednesday, November 27, 2024. Admission is free - until all seats in the hall are taken.

Award ceremony 2023

...then the Winners' Night

After the awards ceremony, the legendary Winners' Night begins. It is regarded in the industry as the outstanding, exclusive event of the year. This is where the beer world meets around what is probably the most highly decorated beer counter in the world, stocked with all the winning beers from the competition.

While the focus at the awards ceremony was on the makers of the beers, the curtain now rises on the real stars - the beers awarded gold, silver and bronze. In keeping with the motto of the European Beer Star:

That's how Stars taste.

The Winners' Night offers people from the brewing industry a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, socialize and chat over outstanding beer.

The event is designed exclusively for the winners of the European Beer Stars and invited industry representatives. Take advantage of this opportunity for unique networking moments. All you need to be there is: you brew good beer, participate in the European Beer Star and - win.

Clear the stage for the partners of the European Beer Star

Not only the winning beers and the successful breweries are the focus of the Night of Winners. The partners of the European Beer Star also find their stage here, they are put in the spotlight by the organizer. There are many ways to do this. For example, by awarding special prizes.Contact us. Together we will find out what a partnership could look like.


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