FAQ – European Beer Star 2021


Will the European Beer Star 2021 take place?

  • Although, the Covid-19 pandemic still continues, we are already in the middle of the preparations for the EBS 2021
  • We are optimistic that the event can take place as planned on 04/05 November 2021
  • In the event of cancellation of the expert tasting – which hopefully will not occur
    • it will not be necessary to send in the registered beers
    • registration fees already paid will be refunded
  • There is therefore no financial risk attached to registration for EBS 2021

Which breweries are permitted to take part?

  • Any commercial brewery in the world can take part
  • Breweries with local, regional, national and international operations are eligible
  • Not only breweries from Europe, but also from all countries on every continent
  • We kindly refer to our competition’s conditions.

Are microbreweries and pub-breweries allowed to take part?

  • Microbreweries and pub-breweries are of course permitted to take part in the competition
  • The beer can be bottled/is bottled in siphons or big bottles
  • Each bottle must be clearly marked with an adhesive label showing the following information:
    • Name of the beer
    • Beer’s participation number (see confirmation fax)
    • Number of the beer category (see EBS 2021 category list)

Which are the important dates?

01 APRIL 2021 Start of registration
25 JUNE 2021 End of early bird discount
17 SEPTEMBER 2021 Registration deadline
01 - 22 OCTOBER 2021 Shipping phase
04/05 NOVEMBER 2021 Expert tasting
09 NOVEMBER 2021 Award ceremony and Winners' Night

In which categories can I register beers?

  • At the European Beer Star 2021, beers will be tasted in 70 categories and one special category Free-Style Beer
  • The list including a detailed description of the categories is available to download from

How many beers can I register in each category?

  • Each brewery can only register one beer per category
  • The same beer of each brewery may only be registered in one category
  • The list including a detailed description of the categories is available to download from

How can I register?

  • Only online registration via the website
  • The alcohol content and original wort of each beer entered must be specified during the registration process
  • Submitted beers must be commercially available to the consumers in the precise composition and packaging as submitted

What are the registration fees?

Price per beer Beers 1 and 2 3 beers or more Beers 1 and 2 3 beers or more


(incl. 19% VAT)


(without VAT)

up to 25 June 2021

261,80 EUR

226,10 EUR

220,00 EUR

190,00 EUR

from 26 June 2021

285,60 EUR

249,90 EUR

240,00 EUR

210,00 EUR

How is payment made?

  • Register online, fast and conveniently, and then pay via PayPal or credit card!
  • Pay via bank transfer to: Private Brauereien Bayern e.V., Münchner Bank eG, IBAN: DE 36 7019 0000 0004 5057 35
  • Please transfer fees from abroad via EU standard transfer
  • The transferor shall pay any fees and expenses charged by their bank

Which criteria must be considered when registering?

  • The alcohol content and original wort of each beer entered must be specified when registering
  • Take into account the analytics and the additional information for some categories; these can be found in the category description


How should the beer be packaged and shipped for the expert tasting?

  • The labels for the bottles must be created by the brewery itself
  • Each bottle must be clearly marked with an adhesive label showing the following information:
  • Each bottle must also bear the label with which the beer is sold commercially
  • Important: shipping phase is from 01 - 22 October 2021
  • A detailed shipping description and the contact details of our new shipping partner can be found at: and Shipment

Do I have to send the beers with the European Beer Star logistics partner?

  • No, this is an additional service provided by the competition to help breweries who need assistance

Which beer quantities / bottles must I send in for the expert tasting?

  • The following quantities are required for the expert tasting:
    • Bottles / cans with content of 0.5l or more - 12 bottles
    • Bottles / cans with content less than 0.5l - 18 bottles

Expert Tasting:

When and where does the expert tasting take place?

  • From 04 - 05 November 2021
  • At the new facilities of theDoemens Academy, Lohenstrasse 3, 82166 Gräfelfing, Germany

Who tastes the beer?

  • An independent international committee comprising a high-quality panel of well-known, experienced beer experts: brewmasters, beer writers, journalists and beer sommeliers from all continents form the expert jury of the European Beer Star

Which criteria are used when tasting my beers?

  • Sensory criteria only from the consumer perspective, no laboratory analytics
  • In the new special category Free-Style Beer, the creativity of the brewer will be evaluated separately via the history of the beer, the production process or similar

How can you become a member of an expert jury?

  • All appointments to our expert jury are now complete for 2021
  • If you are interested in participating in future years, please send us your application and the recommendation of at least three members of our expert jury to:

How and when will I be informed if I am successful at the EBS?

  • The winners and all participants are informed directly following the expert tasting

What do I receive after the competition?

  • All participants receive an expert evaluation for each beer submitted as well as a benchmark of the winning beers
  • The winners also receive an award and a certificate for each winning beer, as well as extensive press material
  • The winners are allowed to use the trademark European Beer Star for commercial use. Detailed information can be found in the Conditions of the Competition

Award Ceremony

When does the award ceremony for the European Beer Star 2020 take place?

  • The award ceremony takes place on 09 November 2021. Details about the event will be announced shortly

What is the Winners’ Night?

  • An event which is unique in the trade with probably the world's most exclusive bar counter
  • All winning beers (gold, silver, bronze) in each category are available for tasting
  • This takes place directly after the award ceremony European Beer Star 2021 on 09 November 2021

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